Dominos Vlog

  Dominos went out on a mission to create a better pizza. Taking all the criticism and negative feedback from test groups and customers, Dominos decided to make a change to their pizza. The company seems focused on bettering itself along with trying to provide the best services for their customers. “Make sure you have… Continue reading Dominos Vlog

Blog Post: Storytelling Through Video: Old Spice Humor vs. Chipotle Emotion

  The question is how do I get more attention? Once you have that attention, the goal is to hold that attention and focus it. “The ad must create a virtual magnifying glass that highlights something specific about the brand–some fact, idea, or impression–and gives it enough emotional charge to become established in memory” (Hillis,… Continue reading Blog Post: Storytelling Through Video: Old Spice Humor vs. Chipotle Emotion

MLB Social Index

When going to and clicking on the MLB link. You are brought to the MLB social index. The social index is broken up into five categories: Social visibility, General Visibility, Net Sentiment, Reach Growth and Engagement & Content. Being that the World Series has just passed in early November it and that the Chicago Cubs… Continue reading MLB Social Index


  Over the last forty-eight hours I have monitored #highered on Twitter. I was surprised the amount of chatter that was going on over that period. Someone is tweeting about job openings, ranking colleges, post-grad transition, challenges facing graduates, ways technology is changing the classroom. These were just a few of the topics tweeted about.… Continue reading #Highered