MLB Social Index

When going to and clicking on the MLB link. You are brought to the MLB social index. The social index is broken up into five categories: Social visibility, General Visibility, Net Sentiment, Reach Growth and Engagement & Content. mlb
Being that the World Series has just passed in early November it and that the Chicago Cubs became World Series Champions for the first time in over one hundred years. It is pretty obvious that they would be the most Socially visible team currently. Why would they not? Breaking a curious that has haunted them and their fans for decades. Of Course, if you think baseball the number one team to pop up in any one’s mind is the New York Yankees. Between the NY and Pinstripes, I would guess only the Nike swoosh is more recognizable in and out of the sports world. What makes sports so great is the people that sports reaches and touches. People truly take pride and joy in their teams that they cheer on. Knowing a team like the New York Yankees probably rank in the top 5 in every category out there. It is interesting to see teams like the Marlins be right up there in Reach growth. Is it because of their strong Latino population?
“Across the digital world, people upload 1.8 billion images a day, and MLB understands this reality. MLB is a master of visual storytelling, capturing the drama of a home run, the symmetrical beauty of a baseball diamond, the sudden impact of a strikeout, and even the goofy moments off the field through photos, videos, and GIFs. And, boy, does MLB love GIFs—on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else that a GIF can thrive” (Guest, 2016Guest, 2016). MLB understands the social media and the draw millennial’s have towards it. So why not poke a little fun at some of their players. “Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals covering his head as he slid into second base during a close play, MLB posted the video on Facebook and commented dryly. “Bryce Harper knows to protect that fresh cut,” poking a little fun at Harper’s reputation for being something of a diva” (Guest, 2016).
Facebook seems to be the number one marketplace for the MLB. “The activity level for the top teams on Facebook – they are in the neighborhood of 200 posts in 30 days, or 6-7 posts per day” (Clark, 2014). Numbers like those MLB must know what they are doing or trying to do to reach as many views as possible.
Helping other organization expands their brand through social media, I would say the best thing is to stay busy. Keep posting daily to maintain the attention of your organization. Mix things up with serious, fun, and informative to drive attention towards your page. Millennial like social media and social media is going know where any time soon.


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