Blog Post: Storytelling Through Video: Old Spice Humor vs. Chipotle Emotion


The question is how do I get more attention? Once you have that attention, the goal is to hold that attention and focus it. “The ad must create a virtual magnifying glass that highlights something specific about the brand–some fact, idea, or impression–and gives it enough emotional charge to become established in memory” (Hillis, 2011). The brands never want to have the “Video Vampire” effect. Video Vampire is summed as remember the videos but not being able to link the brand with the video.maxresdefault

Old Spice was looking for something new to help market their brand and make them relevant to young men moving forward. Uncovered was that women were responsible for more than 50 percent of body wash purchases. ‘The Man, Your Man, Could Smell Like’ ad was the best articulation of this strategy when it aired in 2010, kicking off the new campaign conceived to speak to both men and women simultaneously” (Case study, 2011). Humor campaign chances are pretty good that many people are going to be “Googling” the video. Funny videos online or on TV appeal to many people. Humor lightens the mood. Old Spice hired Wieden+Kennedy Portland agency to create this campaign ad to spice up their marketing. “It quickly became a cultural phenomenon. We successfully found an execution that appealed to our core target (guys), but one that also allowed the brand to appeal for the first time to a female audience. We needed to keep that momentum going.” (Case study, 2011).

Chipotle wanted to send a message about its food and the food industry as a whole. “The Scarecrow” has been praised as an innovative piece of marketing and beautiful work of art and applauded for its anti-factory-farming message” (Wiess, 2014).


Many people could have taken the word Chipotle is trying to send out the wrong way. Showing of cows in metal cages and the injection of green slime into a chicken. Could be sending a message that this is what happens to animals at other food chains. However, this video does set up the relevant topic about our food system and how we get our food. Chipotle to me seems to be claiming that they are natural and they believe what is going on at other place is wrong, and they are no way apart of this.

When it comes to both campaigns, I found the Old Spice to probably be more useful in the sense that I could see how people could have been offended by their campaign. Meanwhile, Old Spice is going on with the sex sells. Personally, I am sick of these campaigns, even though it is funny. Most average people don’t look like that nor going to look like that. Here you have an attractive male selling product which is going to catch female eyes and make men possible jealous that they need to look like this to get the girl.









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Photo Cred: Old Spice:



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