Dominos Vlog


dominosDominos went out on a mission to create a better pizza. Taking all the criticism and negative feedback from test groups and customers, Dominos decided to make a change to their pizza. The company seems focused on bettering itself along with trying to provide the best services for their customers.

“Make sure you have clear advertising goals. You might want to boost business overall, but your objective should be more specific: to increase sales of a new product or service, to build awareness of your company, to spur volume during a given period, or to expand your business in a particular market. Tailor your evaluation methods to your goals” (Editors, 2010).

Personally, I am not a Dominos pizza fan. Once in my life I tried their pizza, I could not finish it. Pizza is in my top five favorite foods. When it comes to great tasting pizza, I need to order mine from small Italian family pizzerias. Chain restaurants of any kind outside of Chipotle I very rarely eat.

The channel that they set up provides tons of videos for marketing their products and services. Videos range from serious to funny. Many companies today seem to go in the promotional root of funny, upbeat aids. “A variety of benefits have been suggested for humorous appeals including:

1) Humor attracts attention.

2) Humor can increase retention of the advertising message.

3) Credibility of the source can be enhanced with humor.

4) Attitude toward the ad can be strengthened with the use of humor.

5) Counter arguments may be minimized with the use of humor because it acts to distract

the audience from making cognitive responses” (Motwani, 2013).

Sidebar link has multiple Dominos channels for their other markets such as UK, Australia, India. With stores across the world, Dominos recognized that they need to be diversified with their marketing campaign. Different cultures different languages. No reason to market an India campaign in the UK chances of them understanding it is not great. Marketing to these various cultures you are marketing to them you are trying to touch them personally, so they buy your product. Dominos wanted to reach as many people as they possibly can. In today’s world that is through social media platforms.

The channel link has other links to other subscription channels that don’t seem to make much sense to me way they are there. I could see mind craft since that is a pretty popular game amongst many people. With that link they are trying to interact with likes. The rest seemed to be funny and silly

I found Dominos Channel to be user friendly. For me it provided me with marketing videos that were easy to scroll through as they played one after another. The page was not all clutter, not to much on the page to over whelm you.





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